PLiFix Pitch Marking | Pitch SuppliesPLiFiX® – The smart indicator for lawns & gardens.

The original idea was to find an object adapted to the environment for which it is intended (turf) but with different colours and textures.

The closest thing to a tuft of grass is another tuft of grass.

PLiFiX® (synthetic grass implants for ground marking) are a new system for ground marking in the form of tufts of grass (patented and registered trade mark).

PLiFix Line Markers | Pitch SuppliesFibres
Treated synthetic anti-UV, resistant against mowing and ripping out.

Poured on during fitting, it fills the space between the fibres and strengthens the hold.

Harpoon style screw
Rotproof polypropylene stained with blacking carbon to resist micro-organisms.






Buried in turf or clay surfaces, they are the most practical solution for marking buried objects or setting lines and boundaries.

They can be used permanently or temporarily.

The fibres use different colours according to their use: yellow for gas, red for electricity, blue for water, white for sports grounds, etc.

They can be used in the garden as discrete and permanent markers for buried gas tanks, electricity cables, water pipes and sprinklers, or for accurately and clearly setting out boundaries around future building sites or in camp-sites and car-parks on grass surfaces, etc.

Present in more than 200,000 sports grounds in Europe, they are used to mark out playing fields, ensure the exactness of dimensions and facilitate the marking of lines.

Already used by landscape specialists (golf courses, nurseries, landscape gardeners, architects), easy to fit and safe for both users and equipment, their efficiency is proven!




PLiFiX Line Marking



  • Reliable season after season, PLiFiX® avoid you having to remeasure, marking out once and for all the measurements of grounds for football, rugby union, rugby league, hockey on turf, lacrosse etc.
  • Fitted at each intersection, they are true labels of compliance for measurements.
  • The exact location of your future penalty spot or movable posts on recreation grounds.
  • Football on Saturday and rugby on Sunday? Use two different colours.
  • PLiFiX® transforms the chore of marking out into a simple and quick operation: no more need to run from one end of the ground to the other, just stretch the twine between two PLiFiX® .

PLiFiX® provide the same quality in terms of resistance as turfed surfaces. Chooses the colour which is the most suited to the support.

Next to this PLiFiX® is a sprinkler. Immediately visible, it will no longer be damaged during maintenance works (aeration, decompacting, etc.).

Even if you only organise athletics (or archery) competitions once a year, don’t waste any more time marking out javelin or shotput throwing areas.

Greenkeepers adore these brilliant ‘‘carrots’’: marking out fairway and practise distances, sprinklers, tracks for trolleys and areas being repaired, etc.



PliFix Line MarkersFitting PliFix Line MarkersChoose a location, then manually push the PLiFiX® screw 2 cm into the ground.
This makes it easier to adjust the alignment of several PLiFiX® along the same line.
(Stabilised surfaces and clay: operation impossible. SOLUTION: turn the PLiFiX® upside down and balance it on the fibres).


Installing PliFix Line MarkersInserting PliFix Line MarkersPlace the driving tool onto the screw ensuring the fibres are inside the tube.


Pitch Supplies Line MarkersHammering PliFix Line MarkersHit with a hammer until the dotted ‘‘STOP’’ line, then remove the driving tool.
The top of the screw must be 3 cm beneath the level of the ground, so that the fibres are 3 to 4 cm above the hole.
You must use the driving tool, any other object will damage the fibres.
(Stabilised surfaces and clay: first of all make a hole using a small chisel).


Fitting PliFix Line MarkersPliFix Line Markers InstalledPour sand between the fibres to fill in the hole between the top of the screw and the ground.
Sand increases the resistance of PLiFiX® against uprooting and gives the fibres a natural appearance.
Finish: gently hit the PLiFiX® with the flat part of a hammer to give it a more natural appearance.